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Perfector, also called perfect binding, is a type of binding in which the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a flexible adhesive. Perfect binding is often used for mass-produced paperbacks and other books that will be read only once or twice.

A perfector is a printing press that can print on both sides of a sheet of paper at once. This is opposed to an ordinary press, which can only print on one side of a sheet at a time. Perfecting presses are more expensive than ordinary presses, but they can be very useful for certain types of printing, such as book printing.

When a book is printed on an ordinary press, the pages are printed one at a time. The pages are then cut apart and collated into the correct order. This can be a time-consuming process, and it is also more likely to result in errors. If a page is printed out of order, it can be very difficult to find and fix the error.

Perfecting presses are not just for book printing. They can be used for any type of printing that requires both sides of the sheet to be printed. This includes things like business cards, postcards, and even some types of labels.

The advantage of perfect binding is that it is very fast and cheap to do. The disadvantage is that the pages are not as securely attached to the spine as they are in other types of binding, such as case binding. Because of this, perfect-bound books are not as durable as other types of books and are more likely to fall apart over time.

Perfector is a highly important aspect of book and printing production. It allows for books to be printed with high quality and accuracy, while also providing a wide variety of options for customization. This makes Perfector an essential tool for publishers, authors, and printers alike.

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