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Net Amount Received (NAR) refers to the total book sales revenue after accounting for returns, discounts, or adjustments resulting from book returns made during transactions.

NAR measures profits earned from selling books relative to either their list price or retailer payments for them.

NAR tracking offers publishers insights into which retailers carry and price their books, providing opportunities for improved negotiations or identifying possible new collaborators for collaboration.

NAR is a key metric for publishers, serving as an accurate reflection of sales revenue while making decisions more quickly regarding pricing strategies, discounts, and retail partnerships.

Authors need to keep an accurate “Net Amount Received.” Doing this reveals earnings while creating more advantageous agreements with publishers or distributors.

NAR gives publishers invaluable insight into which authors are driving high sales volumes and contributing significant revenues, helping them make informed decisions regarding which authors to keep or drop from their rosters.

NAR can offer authors and publishers invaluable insight into book sales and revenue streams.

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