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Mounting books or illustrations refers to attaching them securely and safely to a backing board with adhesive, typically by adhesion. Mounting can help provide stability and support to books and illustrations and prevent warping or damage; furthermore, it allows them to be displayed without needing frames, which can be more costly and time-consuming to put together.

Various methods are available for mounting books and illustrations, the most prevalent being using acid-free adhesives such as bookbinding glue or archival tape. Once this adhesive has been applied to the back of a book or illustration, it is placed onto its backing board – this board may consist of wood, foam core, or cardboard, depending on its material content.

Mounted or bound books refer to publications with illustrations glued or otherwise attached directly onto their pages using glue or other means. Mounting was once the standard method of book construction before more advanced printing techniques emerged, with many early children’s books made this way. One advantage of mounting is allowing illustrations to be placed directly on pages without interrupting text reading; on the downside, it makes changing layout difficult if images need to be rearranged.

Mounted books have become collector’s items over time due to their limited production nowadays. Most modern books use offset printing for greater design flexibility and layout freedom; however, some illustrators still prefer working in mounted style to create an intimate relationship between image and page.

Mounting illustrations is an integral component of the book and illustration process as it is a physical way to attach them to the book and allow readers to see them clearly while adding other elements, like text or additional graphics, over them.

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