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A monograph is a detailed and specialized work of writing on a single subject, usually by a single author. It is different from a general work or survey, which covers multiple subjects and is usually written by multiple authors. Monographs are often used by scholars and academics to share their research with a wider audience, and they can be an important part of the development of new fields of study.

A monograph is a book or other work of any single author or on any single subject. In library and information science, a monograph is a book-length work on a single subject, either published as a single volume or as a series of volumes. The term is also used to describe a scholarly or scientific work consisting of a single study or a series of studies on a single subject, usually by a single author. The term is also used in the publishing industry to refer to a book that represents the work of a single author or a small group of authors, as opposed to a series of books or a multi-author work.

In contrast to a textbook, which seeks to cover a wide range of material in a relatively short amount of space, a monograph is usually much more detailed and specific in its coverage. Monographs are often used by scholars to share the results of their research on a particular topic, and they are also used as textbooks in college-level courses.

A monograph is a book or other work of single-author or single-subject. It is often a scholarly essay or an expert report and is devoted to a specific subject, such as a person, place, event, or genre. In contrast, a multi-author work (such as a textbook) has multiple subjects and authors. Monographs are usually published as monographs or as series of monographs. In the latter case, parts of the work may be published as journal articles.


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