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Mockup Definition:

The most common mockup definition is a rough draft of a finished product or visually rendered representation of a finished product. 

Within many industries, mockups are physical rough drafts of a finished product. In this context, mockups help facilitate getting buy-in or approval from clients or colleagues.

In engineering, mockups can also be known as prototypes if the mockup has working features to test, show or study how something works

In recent years the definition for mockup has grown to be synonymous with professional renderings of products. From shirts to mugs to books and beyond 3d modeling has made professional product shots and mockups more accessible than ever.

Origin of Mockup

The term Mock-Up was originally used in 1915 as an alternative for French word Maquette meaning “little display.” It’s often difficult when translating it to other non–English languages finding equivalent words. In many languages, this term will either be transliterated from English or translated into an equivalent word meaning “model”.

Should Mockup Be Hyphenated?

If “mockup” is used as a verb, we don’t need the hyphen; however, as a noun, it can be hyphenated (against) or non-hyphenated (without). If you decide to use either one of those options when referring to this term, again, as with all hyphenated (or, in this case, non-hyphenated) terms without established guidelines on hyphenation, ensure that you remain consistent in use within your writing pieces.

Example Sentences Using Mockup

If you want the florist to make the arrangements for you, ask for a mockup before they complete all the centerpieces to be sure you like the final product.

Walkthrough a full-scale mockup of the Space Station and experience the surroundings which are home for the astronauts.

Among the exhibits in the east atrium will be a mockup theater, where you handle a range of surgical instruments.

Reworking the Mockup Definition

With the rise of digital illustration, the concept of mockup has changed. It includes marketing design and graphics, social media design and graphics, and print designs, as opposed to firms hiring photographers for professional product shots.

Mockup Definition in Publishing

In 2019, “publishing” was in 4th position as the industry most commonly referenced when using the word mockup. But printers and publishers produce bound and loose layouts of books necessary for approval and sign-off before running mass amounts. This checks for the final correctness of grammar as well as possible prints.

Once printed, digital placeholders of the final piece become a standard in the marketing strategy of many books, from self-published works to major publishing houses. For printed products, digital mockups enable you to make consistent, great-looking marketing photos without engaging the photographer and studio all the time.

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