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Mockup Definition:

The most common mockup definition is a rough draft of a finished product or visually rendered representation of a finished product. 

Within many industries, mockups are physical rough drafts of a finished product. In this context, mockups help facilitate getting buy-in or approval from clients or colleagues.

In engineering, mockups can also be known as prototypes if the mockup has working features to test, show or study how something works

In recent years the definition for mockup has grown to be synonymous with professional renderings of products. From shirts to mugs to books and beyond 3d modeling has made professional product shots and mockups more accessible than ever.

Origin of Mockup

The word mockup was first used in 1915 in substitution for the French word maquette, which means “little display.” When translated into languages other than English, it is frequently challenging to find a suitable counterpart for the word mockup. Most languages will either use the English word or convert it to that language’s equivalent of the term “model.”

Should Mockup Be Hyphenated?

When used as a verb, mockup should not be hyphenated, but when used as a noun, it can be written with or without a hyphen. Whether you choose to use the hyphenated or non-hyphenated form of the word, as with all combined terms that do not have strict rules for hyphenation, make sure you are consistent with how you use it across all of your writing.

Example Sentences Using Mockup

If you want the florist to make the arrangements for you, ask for a mockup before they complete all the centerpieces to be sure you like the final product.

Walkthrough a full-scale mockup of the Space Station and experience the surroundings which are home for the astronauts.

Among the exhibits in the east atrium will be a mockup theater, where you handle a range of surgical instruments.

Reworking the Mockup Definition

Since the advent of online graphics, the definition of mockup has broadened. It now encompasses graphics used in marketing, social media, and even print in substitution of companies taking professional images of their products.

Mockup Definition in Publishing

As of 2019, publishing is one of the top 4 industries that most use the word mockup. Printers and publishers provide bound and unbound mockups of books that are required to be approved and signed off on before starting large print runs. This is used to proof for both final grammatical mistakes and potential print accuracy.

After the print process, digitally created mockups are often used in the marketing of many books spanning from self-published authors to large publishing houses. Digital mockups are used for printed products to create consistently perfect marketing images without the use of photographers and studios for every image.

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