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Midlist books are books that are not bestsellers but still generate enough revenue for the publisher to make a profit. These books typically sell between 5,000 and 10,000 copies.

Midlist books are usually published by large publishing houses and are usually written by established authors. These books are not always marketed heavily, but they still generate enough interest to sell reasonably well.

Midlist books often fill a niche market and may appeal to a specific audience. For example, a midlist book about bird-watching might appeal to bird-lovers who are looking for more in-depth information than what is found in a bestseller about birds.

Midlist is a term used in the book publishing industry to describe a book that is not a bestseller but still sells well enough to be profitable. Midlist books are typically published by mid-sized or small presses, and often appeal to niche audiences.

While midlist books may not have the same mass appeal as bestsellers, they are still an important part of the publishing landscape. Midlist books often take risks that bigger publishers are unwilling to take, and they help to foster a love of reading in niche audiences.

The purpose of the midlist is to provide a space for books that are not bestsellers but still have good sales and/or critical reception. The midlist is important because it provides a space for books that might not be bestsellers but are still of good quality. This is important because it allows for a diversity of books and ideas, and it allows for smaller publishers and presses to compete with the big five.

In a world where bestsellers often dominate the book market, midlist books provide an important counterbalance. They offer readers a chance to discover new voices and new stories, and they help to keep the publishing industry diverse and vibrant.

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