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Microfiche is a type of film that is used to store information in a smaller format. This makes it possible to store more information in a smaller space. Microfiche is often used to store information that is not needed on a regular basis, such as old newspapers or books. It is also used to store information that is not easily accessed, such as in a library.

Microfiche is a film format used to store digitized records. It is similar to a microfilm, but is smaller in size and uses a different film stock. Microfiche is used to store books, newspapers, and other documents in a compact format.

A microfiche is a film negative or positive, usually on clear film, containing very small images of pages of text or other document sources, generally reduced to about one twenty-fifth of normal size. The pages of a book or other document are photographed, one by one, and the resulting film, called a fiche, is cut into small frames, usually about 3 by 5 centimeters (1 1⁄4 by 2 inches). Each frame is a single page of information.

A microfiche reader is a device used to magnify and project the image from a microfiche. The reader may be a free-standing unit, or it may be integrated into a photocopier or scanner.

Microfiche were invented by John T. Dyson and Helen F.D. Smyth at the RCA Corporation in 1968. The first microfiche system was installed at the Library of Congress in 1969.

Microfiche is an important tool for books because it allows for a physical copy of a book to be stored in a much smaller space. This is important for two reasons: first, it helps to conserve space (especially important for libraries); and second, it makes it easier to transport and share books. In addition, microfiche can be used to create digital copies of books, which can be shared electronically.

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