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You’ll find the masthead at the top of a newspaper or magazine’s front page. This title page displays the publication’s name and lists its contributors.

For books, the masthead can be found on the copyright page. It includes details about the book’s editor, publisher, and production staff.

In newspapers and magazines, a masthead is a prominent title page that states the publication’s name, place of origin, and issue date. It may also feature a list of editorial staff members on either this title page or an adjacent one.

Regarding newspapers or magazines, the masthead shares vital information and highlights those responsible for its creation: editors, writers, and other contributors. You might find additional details such as office address or website information alongside catchy slogans.

Meanwhile, in book publishing industry circles, “masthead” often refers to a list printed on a book’s copyright page. This list acknowledges editors, designers, and production staff involved with creating the book—author(s) and illustrator(s) are mentioned, alongside publisher credits. Book mastheads recognize contributions made during production while expressing gratitude for their work.

Mastheads play an essential role throughout book publishing as they ensure proper formatting and inclusion of accurate information—protecting author and publisher rights.

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