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A line gauge, also called a ruling machine, is a device used in printing to measure lines per inch on a given surface. This can be used to determine the appropriate line spacing for a given typeface and point size, as well as to create a consistent baseline for a document.

Line gauges are an essential tool for anyone who works with type, whether they are a printer, graphic designer, or web developer. By taking the time to ensure that lines are properly spaced, one can create a much more polished and professional-looking document.

The purpose of a line gauge is to ensure that the width of a line is within a specified tolerance. This is typically done in order to ensure that the printed image is within the desired specifications. For example, if a company desires that all of their printed images have a line width of 0.5 inches (12.7 mm), then they would use a line gauge to ensure that the width of the lines in their print job are within that tolerance.

Line gauges are typically used in conjunction with other gauges to measure other aspects of a print job. For example, a line gauge may be used in conjunction with a dot gauge to ensure that the width of the lines and the spacing between the dots in a printed image are within the desired tolerances.

Line gauge is an important tool for printers because it allows them to measure and control the width of their printed lines. By setting and maintaining a consistent line gauge, printers can produce printed images that are clean and precise. Line gauge also allows printers to troubleshoot printing problems and make adjustments to their process as needed. Without line gauge, printers would have a much more difficult time achieving the high level of quality that their customers expect.

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