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The International Publishers Association (IPA) is a collective advocate representing the international book publishing industry. This organization comprises publishers’ associations worldwide and holds consultative status at UNESCO.

The IPA’s core objective is to promote and safeguard publishing while raising awareness of its pivotal role in culture and society. Internationally, it strives to defend freedom of expression, freedom to publish, and copyright protection.

Founded in 1896 with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the IPA diligently monitors global issues about freedom of expression through its dedicated Freedom to Publish Committee. Comprised of experts from member associations within the IPA network, this Committee watches matters that impact the industry.

Additionally, the IPA actively contributes towards improving business conditions for publishers across borders. Its efforts encompass policy-related matters such as intellectual property rights and copyright regulations.

Supporting publishers constitutes another significant facet of the IPA’s work. Advocacy and lobbying form crucial components where they seek influence over decision-makers at national and international levels. They aim to ensure favorable copyright laws that protect publishers’ interests and foster government policies conducive to a prosperous book publishing sector. Furthermore, research initiatives are carried out by the IPA alongside provisions of resources and information aiding members on diverse facets relevant to their field.

Deemed indispensable within books and publishing landscapes, The International Publishers Association champions access to information and advances unrestricted publication alongside free expression for all individuals involved, resolutely guarding publisher rights while upholding an environment wherein this profession thrives tremendously. Equipped with abundant resources & providing genuine solidarity among peers, their influential voice echoes throughout this domain, significantly impacting all stakeholders concerned.

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