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A headband is a strip of material used to hold the pages of a book or other document together at the spine. It can also be used for decoration. Headbands are typically made from cloth or paper but can also be made from metal or plastic.

Simply put, a headband is a narrow strip of cloth (or even paper) that you might find on the top edge—the “head”—of a spine when you look at an old book. Sometimes, they’re just plain and functional; sometimes, they have words on them—a title, perhaps, an author’s name, maybe even the name of your favorite publishing company.

Headbands do two things: They help keep your book together—and look good while they’re doing it. They’re usually paired with some stitching down near the bottom—the tail—of your book’s spine to ensure all those pages stay where they belong.

Different headbands are available to help meet your needs as you bind books or create boxes for conservation purposes. The type(s) you choose will depend on what looks right and what works best to hold everything together adequately.

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By making it easy for authors to connect with potential readers and industry professionals who can help get more exposure for their books, using headbands changes how books get published and marketed.

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