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Dylux is a brand of photographic paper that is used in a darkroom to produce black and white prints. It is a negative-working product, meaning that it is used to produce a negative image on the paper that can then be used to create a positive print. Dylux paper is available in a variety of sizes and surface finishes, and can be used in both traditional darkrooms and digital darkrooms.

Dylux paper is coated with a light-sensitive emulsion that is sensitive to both ultraviolet (UV) and blue light. When exposed to light, the emulsion undergoes a chemical reaction that causes it to darken. The amount of time the paper is exposed to light, as well as the intensity of the light, will determine the final darkness of the print.

Once the desired amount of exposure has been achieved, the paper is placed in a developer solution, which causes the exposed areas of the emulsion to darken further and the unexposed areas to remain light. The developer also affects the contrast of the final print, with longer development times resulting in higher contrast.

Once the print has developed, it is fixed in a fixer solution, which stops the action of the developer and makes the print permanent. The print is then washed to remove any residual chemicals and dried.

Dylux paper can be used to produce a variety of different types of prints, including contact prints, enlargements, and contactless prints. It can also be used to produce digital negatives, which can then be used to make digital prints.

Dylux is an important part of photographic paper because it helps to produce high-quality images. Without Dylux, the images would be lower in quality and would not be as sharp or clear. Dylux also helps to protect the images from fading and other damage.

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