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A double-page spread, commonly employed in printing, refers to the practice in which two pages from a publication are aligned and printed onto one sheet of paper to create four printed pages – two on either side.

Double-page spreads are highly sought-after printing formats in newspapers and magazines, as they allow more content to fit onto each page while serving as ideal platforms for advertisements that span both pages simultaneously.

Content creation for a double-page spread requires two key considerations. First, text must be formatted to be legible across both pages; secondly, stories or articles must develop smoothly from page to page so readers can follow along easily with their progression.

Content must also be well-balanced to avoid drawing unnecessary attention from readers, making reading and digestibility of large volumes of data much simpler for the audience. A double-page spread enables readers to digest this information efficiently.

Double-page spreads have become an increasingly popular way for magazines and newspapers to present ads, stories, or other forms of content over an expansive canvas format. Two pages printed side-by-side create the effect.

Though double-page spreads may seem minor, they can have a profound effect on any publication. Magazines, in particular, can use double-page spreads to appear more luxurious; newspaper publications can use double-page spreads to appear more substantial and authoritative.

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