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A delivery date is the date on which a customer, recipient, or supplier of goods or services is due to receive them. In the case of books and publishing, a delivery date is the date on which a customer or retailer is due to receive a shipment of books from a publisher.

A delivery date may also refer to the date on which an advance copy of a book is due to be sent to a reviewer, journalist, or bookseller. This is also known as an “embargo date.” An embargo date is typically a few weeks before the book’s publication date, in order to give reviewers time to read and write about the book before it goes on sale.

In the publishing industry, a delivery date is an important part of the production process. Once a book has been typeset and printed, it needs to be shipped to its destination. The delivery date is the date on which the publisher promises to have the shipment of books ready for shipping.

The delivery date is important for both the publisher and the customer. For the publisher, it is important to meet the delivery date in order to keep to the production schedule and avoid delays.

The delivery date of a book is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the earlier a book is delivered, the sooner it can go on sale. This is important because it allows publishers to generate revenue from the sale of the book as quickly as possible. Secondly, the delivery date also determines when a book will be released in different formats, such as e-book or audiobook. This is important because it allows readers to choose the format that they prefer. Finally, the delivery date also affects the marketing and publicity campaign for a book. A well-timed marketing campaign can generate a lot of interest in a book and lead to strong sales.

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