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A dagger (+) is a typographic symbol that signifies death, extinction, or decay. In ancient manuscripts, it marked passages that should be read with a particularly mournful tone, while more recently, it is often included as part of an obituary notice to indicate the death of a person.

A double dagger (++) serves several functions; its most frequent usage is to denote footnote or endnote references. Dual daggers may also be found in bibliographies and catalogs to mark entries that have been revised or updated.

Dagger and double dagger symbols are two of the most often-used characters when printing text, indicating various things.

A dagger is used as a symbol to represent footnotes in texts. When you see one in the text, this indicates there is additional information at the bottom of that page that provides further background to it.

A double dagger is used to indicate the end of a paragraph. This symbol in the text means that this paragraph has concluded, and its successor begins on the following line.

Dagger and Double Dagger cannot be underestimated in printing text. This simple yet effective system makes the printing process faster, cleaner, neater, and more consistent – an essential feature for businesses or individuals reliant on printed text on an ongoing basis. In short, Dagger and Double Dagger are invaluable when printing texts regularly and should never be underestimated!

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