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Cromalin is a brand name for a color proofing system using chromogenic dyes. It is a three-color process, with cyan, magenta, and yellow dyes, plus black. Cromalin is a registered trademark of DuPont.

The Cromalin system was introduced in the early 1970s as an improvement over earlier color proofing systems that used Doten plates. Cromalin proofs are more stable and less expensive than Doten proofs, and they can be produced more quickly.

Cromalin proofs are used to check the color accuracy of artwork before it is printed. They are also used to create color separations for printing.

Cromalin proofs are created by first printing a negative of the image onto a clear film. This negative is then used to expose a piece of photo-sensitive paper. The exposed paper is developed in a chemical bath, which turns the exposed areas of the paper into dyes.

The dyes are then transferred to a piece of clear film, which is used to make the final Cromalin proof. This proof is a positive image of the original artwork, and it can be used to check the color accuracy of the artwork before it is printed.

Cromalin proofs are more stable than Doten proofs, and they can be produced more quickly. However, they are more expensive than Doten proofs.

Cromalin is a vital tool in the printing industry as it allows for the accurate color proofing of print jobs. This means that print shops can avoid the costly mistakes that can occur when colors are not accurately reproduced.

While there are other color proofing methods available, Cromalin is generally considered to be the most reliable. This is due to the fact that it uses actual printing inks, rather than simulated colors. This means that the colors you see on a Cromalin proof will be very close to the colors that will actually be printed.

Overall, Cromalin is an essential tool for anyone who is involved in the printing industry. It helps to ensure that print jobs are completed accurately and to the highest possible standard.

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