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A colophon is a statement at the end of a book, typically consisting of facts about its publication. This might include the place of publication, the printer, the year of publication, and the like. A colophon might also be used to thank people who contributed to the book’s creation, or to make a brief statement about the book’s content.

The word “colophon” comes from the Greek κολοφών, meaning “summit” or “finishing touch”. It was originally used to refer to a statue placed at the highest point of a building, but came to be used more broadly to refer to any kind of symbolic finishing touch. This usage was adopted into Latin, and from there into English.

The first use of the word “colophon” in English was in a 1480 work by William Caxton, though the word was not common in English until the 17th century. In the early days of printing, a colophon might be the only way for a reader to know who had printed a book, and where and when it was printed. With the rise of the copyright page, the colophon has become less common, but it is still used occasionally, particularly in books with a focus on design or printing.

Colophon has been an important part of books and publishing for centuries. It provides a way for readers to identify the source of a book and often contains important information about the author, illustrator, and/or publisher. For many people, colophon is a symbol of quality and a source of pride for their collection.

A colophon is a brief statement at the end of a publication, typically describing its production or providing other information about the work. The word “colophon” comes from the Greek κολοφών, meaning “summit” or “finishing touch”.

A colophon typically contains information about the publication’s authors, editors, illustrators, printers, and binders. This information is often helpful to readers who want to know more about the book’s provenance, and it can also be useful to scholars who are conducting research on a particular author, printer, or illustrator.

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