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A cocked spine refers to books whose spines are misaligning due to improper storage or being dropped or placed underneath something heavy that causes its spines to bow.

Although a cocked spine won’t cause irreparable damage to a book, it can make reading it much more challenging. Pages will no longer lie flat, making the text hard to follow. In extreme cases, however, such damage could also make the pages disintegrate altogether and fall out.

If your book has a cocked spine, the best way to correct it quickly is to place it spine-down on a flat surface and press gently on both ends until the spine has returned to its intended alignment.

Once the spine has been straightened, you can prevent further damage by storing your book correctly. Be sure to store it away from heat or moisture sources and do not pile other books on top of it; if necessary, place the book between two other books so its weight will be evenly distributed.

An awkwardly cocked spine is an easy problem to solve by taking the time and care necessary to straighten its spine and store the book correctly, keeping your books in great shape for years.

Cocked spines cannot be overemphasized when it comes to books. A cocked spine signals that a book has been read and enjoyed, showing respect for both author and book alike. Cocking also helps keep books in good condition for future generations to inherit them.

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