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A truck loaded with 40000 pounds of paper.

Carloads are units of measure used in cargo transportation that measure how much can fit onto one car, truck or train at once.

Carloads are used as an indicator of freight transportation volumes and utilization on railroads. A carload in the U.S. typically denotes cargo weighing 10,000 pounds (4 536 kilograms or greater).

There are two primary categories of carloads.
Manifest carloads consist of multiple commodities carried within one train.

Carloads of freight have seen significant decreases due to intermodal shipping – defined as transporting goods using multiple modes such as ships, trains and trucks – over the years.

Carload is an invaluable way of measuring the efficiency of any rail operation, serving as an indicator of its success by showing how many carloads of freight it transports in an allotted period of time. Carload serves both its operator and customers well; an effective rail operation should be able to move more carloads per time period and thus transport more goods at once, which in turn benefits all involved parties involved – not to mention increased profits!

Carloads serve as a standard unit of measure when transporting goods by train or truck, aiding both shippers and receivers alike in estimating how much space is necessary to make their shipment successful and making efficient use of space and resources when shipping large volumes of goods.

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