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A photographic print made on bromide paper.

Bromide print, also known as bromide paper, is a type of photographic paper that was once commonly used for the printing of photographs. It is made by coating a paper sheet with a light-sensitive silver emulsion layer. When the paper is exposed to light, the silver bromide is reduced to silver, which darkens the paper.

These prints were once popular because they could be produced quickly and cheaply. However, they had a number of disadvantages. One of which is that Bromide prints tended to fade over time. This is why using these prints for memorabilia was not that ideal. Moreover, they were also susceptible to water and other chemical damage. Keeping these prints safe for a long time needs more effort than the options we have today.

This is why these prints are no longer used for photography nowadays. However, they are still used for some book printing applications. Bromide prints are often used for the printing of dust jackets and endpapers. They are also sometimes used for the printing of illustrations and other graphics.

Additionally, The term Bromide is also used in the printing and book publishing industry to refer to a chemical used to speed up the drying time of inks and prevent smudging. It is also used as a preservative that is sprayed on paper to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. It is also used to prevent the paper from yellowing and becoming brittle. Chemically, it is a colorless, odorless, and mildly toxic solid that decomposes in water to release hydrobromic acid.

Despite these advantages, bromide prints have largely fallen out of favor in recent years due to more advanced printing technologies. Fine art photographers and collectors occasionally use this paper, but it is no longer widely available.


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