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The British Council is an educational and cultural organization dedicated to promoting British culture abroad and forging international relationships between its people and other nations. For many years it has supported UK publishers with international markets by connecting UK publishers with these markets through its longstanding programs of book and publishing support.

The British Council collaborates closely with several partners in books and publishing, such as the Publishers Association, Booksellers Association, Society of Young Publishers and British Library to carry out its work in this sector. Furthermore, its strong network of contacts within the book industry allows it to assist UK publishers when exporting their books abroad.

The British Council offers publishers seeking to do business overseas a range of services that include market intelligence reports, bespoke research projects, training programs and networking events. It also supports publishers attending international book fairs while brokering rights deals between UK publishers and foreign ones.

The British Council is dedicated to upholding freedom of expression and expanding access to information, including through books and publishing. As an industry sector that works against censorship and promotes freedom of expression, books play an essential role in furthering these objectives.

British Council plays an essential role in the book and publishing industry, working tirelessly to promote British writers and books around the globe while connecting writers to publishers. Offering resources and support, their work ensures a healthy industry environment.

The Council’s efforts in promoting books and publishing aim to raise the visibility of British writers and publishers as well as to raise the international profile of British book industry, leading to increased sales of British books as well as supporting jobs within this industry.

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