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The British Council is a cultural and educational organization that promotes British culture and works to build relationships between the people of the UK and other countries. The Council has a long history of supporting the book and publishing industry, and today it continues to play a vital role in connecting UK publishers with international markets.

The British Council works with a range of partners to deliver its work in books and publishing, including the Publishers Association, the Booksellers Association, the Society of Young Publishers, and the British Library. The Council also has a strong network of contacts in the book industry worldwide, which it uses to support UK publishers in exporting their books.

The British Council provides a range of services to UK publishers looking to do business overseas. These include market intelligence reports, bespoke research, training programs, and networking events. The Council also supports publishers attending international book fairs and facilitates rights deals between the UK and foreign publishers.

The British Council is committed to championing freedom of expression and promoting access to information. The Council believes that books and publishing play a vital role in promoting these values and works to support the book industry’s efforts to tackle censorship and promote freedom of expression.

British Council is a vital part of the books and publishing industry. They work to promote British writers and books around the world and also help to connect writers with publishers. They offer a wealth of resources and support for writers and publishers, and their work is essential in keeping the industry thriving.

The Council‘s work in promoting books and publishing help to increase the visibility of British writers and publishers and to raise the profile of the British book industry internationally. This, in turn, leads to increased sales of British books and helps to support the jobs of those involved in the book industry.

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