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Bookwatch is a marketing tool created to assist businesses with managing book sales and campaigns more effectively, such as tracking how many copies have been sold, the remaining copies in circulation, mentions in media or blogs, and any additional metrics regarding them. Bookwatch allows businesses to measure the success of their book marketing efforts over time by tracking progress over time.

Bookwatch is an analysis tool that publishers, booksellers, librarians, authors, and agents use to measure book sales more accurately and forecast future performance. Publishers use Bookwatch to select which titles to stock or promote; booksellers use Bookwatch to assess success against similar titles currently for sale; while agents utilize Bookwatch to assess similar titles currently on sale and assess success compared with similar titles on sale.

BookWatch data is collected via various sources, including Nielsen BookScan (which tracks point of sale data from 16,000 retailers), PubTrack Digital (1200 digital publishers surveyed), and BISG BookStats (2500 trade, educational and professional publishers), before being analyzed and reported on by BookNet Canada – an expert provider of book industry insight and knowledge. BookNet Canada then shares this analysis with industry stakeholders.

Bookwatch data provides publishers an invaluable asset for understanding the book market and making informed investment decisions while helping authors monitor their book’s performance in the marketplace and plan its next steps.

Bookwatch is a powerful book marketing platform, giving authors and publishers an effective means of reaching prospective readers while marketing their books to a broader audience. Furthermore, Bookwatch provides valuable insights into sales trends for books sold via Bookwatch.

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