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A bibliographic product on cd-rom from whitaker listing titles currently in print in the uk.

Bookbank is a service that allows users to borrow and lend books from a central location. It is typically used by libraries and schools to provide access to a wider range of books than they would otherwise be able to offer. Bookbank can also be used by individuals to exchange books with others in their community.

The concept of bookbank is similar to that of a food bank or blood bank. Books are donated by individuals or organizations and then made available to those who need them. There is no charge for borrowing books from a bookbank, although donations are often encouraged.

Bookbanks are typically managed by volunteers. Books are sorted and shelved according to genre or age group, and borrowers can browse the collection and choose the books they want to read. Once a book is borrowed, it is the responsibility of the borrower to return it in good condition so that it can be enjoyed by others.

Bookbanks can be a great way to encourage reading, especially among children and young adults. They can also be used to promote literacy in developing countries by making books available to those who might not otherwise have access to them.

The purpose of a book bank is to provide books to people who cannot afford to buy them. This is especially important for children, who need books for school but may not have the money to buy them. Book banks are usually run by volunteers, who collect and sort the books that are donated. They then distribute the books to schools, libraries, and other organizations that serve children.

Book banks are an important part of ensuring that all children have access to books. They provide a way for people to donate books they no longer need, and they make sure that those books get into the hands of children who will appreciate and benefit from them.

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