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Book Trust (formerly National Book League) is an established charity to promote books and reading, among many other activities, including managing some of Britain’s major literary prizes.

Book Trust is an American charity promoting reading and literature in Britain, established by Lady Greengross and Lord Greengross in 1991.

Book Trust has programs designed to promote reading, such as Bookstart for babies and toddlers, Books on Prescription (which helps those with mental illness), and First Story, which encourages creative writing among school students. Furthermore, Book Trust awards several prizes, including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and Blue Peter Book Awards – among many more!

Moreover, Book Trust is supported through donations, grants, and income from its trading activities – in 2013, it earned PS8.5 Million!

Book Trust is an influential charity that believes strongly in the transformative potential of books for children and families, giving away books as resources to impact lives while encouraging reading for pleasure and ensuring all children have access to books.

Book Trust has demonstrated how books can change lives for children by providing books and resources directly to both children and families to promote reading for pleasure, increase access to books for all children, promote reading for pleasure in schools, and ensure access to books for all students – something which allows children to develop an addiction for reading which will enrich their lives for life while simultaneously expanding knowledge horizons while sparking imaginations!

Additionally, Book Trust collaborates with publishers, booksellers, libraries, and literacy charities to offer books and resources for children, families, and adults of all ages – including special programs designed to foster literacy development and reading proficiency.

Our charity encompasses three primary focuses.

  • Bookstart provides free books to every child aged 0-4 in the UK.
  • Booktime England provides Reception class children with complimentary books through Booktime.
  • Words for Life supports adults and families to increase their literacy abilities.

Since its creation, The Book Trust has donated over 150 million books worldwide.

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