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Book Marketing Ltd was formed by the book marketing council of the Publishers Association to offer statistical and market research data to industry professionals and consumers – mainly through the annual publication of books and consumer data reports.

Established in 1992 and located in the UK, Book Marketing Ltd specializes in placing books into consumers’ hands. Since its formation, Book Marketing has served an array of major publishers, small presses, and self-published authors with services including book promotion, sale representation, and packaging of titles.

Book Marketing Ltd has long been recognized as an innovator within the book industry. Their services have enabled several bestselling authors – JK Rowling and Dan Brown – to begin writing books that go onto shelves at major retailers like Waterstones and Barnes & Noble.

Book Marketing Ltd offers reliable book marketing and distribution solutions with extensive experience, making us worth consideration as part of any book author/publisher team.

Furthermore, Book Marketing Ltd is an indispensable component of the book publishing industry. It must be considered a powerful marketing tool, allowing authors and publishers to reach a broader audience and sell more books. The company’s feedback provides invaluable data that could improve the quality of books and publishing processes.

Book Marketing Ltd has earned itself an impeccable standing within the book industry, earning high praise from publishers and authors alike. Their professional staff has vast expertise, allowing them to provide tailored service plans for each customer.

Book Marketing Ltd provides essential support services for publishers and authors looking to maximize the visibility and sales of their books, helping establish and expand a profitable book publishing enterprise.

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