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Bologna Book Fair is the premier book fair for children’s publishers who buy or sell rights annually in Bologna, Italy.

The Bologna Book Fair is one of the world’s oldest and most renowned book fairs, held annually in Bologna, Italy. Over 1,200 publishers from around the globe attend this famous book fair, which draws over 300,000 visitors each year – establishing it as the premier book event worldwide for publishing.

Bologna Book Fair was first held in 1045 and is one of the world’s oldest book fairs. Initially intended as a trade fair for booksellers in Bologna, it has grown into an annual major publishing industry event with two main sections: White Night for industry professionals and Children’s Book Fair for public attendance.

The Children’s Book Fair is the world’s premier children’s book fair and draws over 300,000 attendees annually. Boasting over 1,000 exhibitors from around the globe and providing invaluable networking opportunities, this event marks a key event in the children’s book industry.

Bologna Book Fair is one of the premier events for publishing industry professionals worldwide, drawing over 1,200 publishers from every corner. Additionally, over 300,000 visitors come each year.

Bologna Book Fair is one of the premier international book fairs and an essential event in the publishing industry. Publishers use the Bologna Book Fair to display their books while meeting other publishers, booksellers, literary agents, and authors; authors can meet publishers or find new publishers for their works at this fair. Publishers, authors, and booksellers all come together at this gathering at Bologna – making this event a hub of book industry activity!

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