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Book boards are durable book formats commonly used for children’s books, featuring all printed pages on thick cardboard.

Board books comprise thick cardboard pages bound together by staples or spine. Board books are typically intended for young children still learning to handle books and turn pages and have been designed with durability in mind to withstand any possible mishandling by young readers.

Publishers and authors often opt for board book versions of books for various reasons:

  1. Board books are highly durable, standing up well against wear and tear from young readers.
  2. Board books tend to be smaller than traditional books, making them more accessible for young children to handle.
  3. Their cardboard pages may contain brightly-colored illustrations, which help capture children’s interest and keep them reading!

Though board books are designed for young children, adults can also benefit from reading them for several reasons. First, board books tend to be much cheaper than traditional books, making them affordable when on a tight budget. Secondly, their shorter reading time makes them suitable for people with limited time for reading; finally, their portability and durability make board books perfect choices when traveling or looking for portable reading material.

Recently, board books have become an increasingly popular format for children’s literature. Board books tend to be shorter and smaller than traditional picture books, made of thick cardboard, making them easy for small hands to grip. Many board books are designed for durability to withstand repeated handling by young children.

Board books make an excellent selection for young children for several reasons:

  1. They’re an affordable solution for families.
  2. Children find them easy to carry around or handle when traveling in the car.
  3. Board books often include bright illustrations with simple text that engage young minds.

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