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Back matter (sometimes referred to as Rear Material or Back Matter ) refers to any material (appendices, notes, references, glossary index, etc.) found after each chapter in a book.

Back matter refers to all pages found at the back of a book after its primary text, including any additional material like an afterword, bibliography, index, or any supplemental materials.

  • Afterword is a summary or conclusion written by the author at the end of the main text.
  • The bibliography lists sources used in the book either through footnotes or endnotes.
  • The index is an alphabetized list with page numbers showing where topics/names appear in the book.
  • Supplementary materials supplement an argument but still provide helpful extra knowledge, from maps and timelines to interviews and primary source documents. These materials might include anything from maps and timelines to interviews or primary source documents.

Back matter is the final section of a book and usually includes information such as an afterword, appendix, glossary, index, bibliography, or acknowledgments. Although the back matter is optional to the plot progression of a storyline, it provides readers with additional context and understanding regarding story themes and characters.

  • Appendices in historical fiction novels may provide readers with additional details of events that inspired them.
  • Glossaries in fantasy books could assist readers with understanding made-up words and concepts essential to world-building.
  • Indexes could assist nonfiction book readers in quickly finding what information they require.

Back matter can play an essential role in providing additional context to a book for its readership, even though its presence isn’t necessary to its plot or enjoyment of reading a text.

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