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The Association of Authors’ Representatives, Inc. (AAR) is a professional organization of literary agents. The term “literary agent” is not regulated in the United States, and anyone can call themselves a literary agent. However, members of the AAR have agreed to abide by a Canon of Ethics that requires fair dealing with clients, transparency in business dealings, and honesty in advertising and publicity.

The Association was founded in 1945 by a group of literary agents who wanted to professionalize the industry and to protect the rights of authors. The organization now has over 400 members, representing a wide range of authors, from debut to best-selling authors. The AAR is the only professional organization for literary agents in the United States.

The AAR is important for authors because it provides a way to find reputable literary agents and sets industry standards. When an author is looking for a literary agent, they can search the AAR website for agents who represent the type of book they are writing. The association also offers resources for authors, such as a contract database and a guide to understanding literary agents.

The AAR is also important for publishers because it provides a way for them to find literary agents who represent the type of books they are looking for. The AAR website has a searchable database of agents, and publishers can also attend the AAR’s annual conference, which is the largest gathering of literary agents in the United States.

The Association is important for the book industry as a whole, because it sets standards for literary agents and provides a way for authors and publishers to find each other. The AAR’s Canon of Ethics ensures that authors are treated fairly, and the AAR’s conference and website are both valuable resources for the book industry.

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