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The Association of Authors’ Representatives, Inc. (AAR) is an association for literary agents – although this term is unregulated in the US; anyone can call themselves a literary agent. Members of AAR agree to uphold an ethical Canon of Ethics, which ensures fair dealings with clients, open business dealings, and honest publicity and advertising efforts.

The Association was formed by literary agents seeking to professionalize and safeguard authors’ rights in 1945. Now with over 400 members representing debuting authors and best-selling ones, AAR remains the sole professional organization dedicated to literary agents in the US market.

AAR provides authors with an invaluable service: they can use its website to find trustworthy literary agents who represent their book genre; AAR also has resources such as contract databases and guides on understanding literary agents available to authors looking for representation.

Publishers find AAR invaluable because it enables them to locate literary agents who specialize in representing books that fit the categories they’re looking for. Their website hosts an easily searchable database, and if necessary, publishers may attend their annual conference, which features literary agents from all across America.

The Association is essential to the book industry, setting standards for literary agents while connecting authors and publishers. Their Canon of Ethics guarantees fair treatment of authors. At the same time, their annual conference and website serve as invaluable resources for book industry members.

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