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Publishing industry terminology “as Issued” describes books offered for sale without being revised or corrected, keeping all their original content.

Book collectors appreciate that condition can significantly impact a book’s value; first edition books in original condition tend to command higher values than ones with pages altered, rebound, or otherwise changed; in general, they tend to be rarer and collectible items than revised editions that have had corrections made on them.

“Collectable items in their original state,” including coins or stamps, is also defined as “new old stock.”

One way of collecting Issued books is through direct purchases from publishers. At the same time, this can be more costly than purchasing directly. This approach ensures you obtain genuine titles. Publishers frequently offer As Issued books through websites or catalogs for sale – giving collectors maximum assurance.

Another way of collecting Issued books is by purchasing them through used bookstores or online sellers. Although this method might be less costly and riskier than getting newer editions directly, be wary when doing this as there may not be total certainty that what you’re buying truly qualifies as “As Issued.” When shopping from used booksellers online or otherwise, scrutinize any book before deciding.

These books may also be found at garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets for an affordable price. While purchasing As Issued books from these sales may seem risky, examining each book thoroughly to ensure its pages remain intact is always advised to avoid disappointment!

No matter where you purchase As Issued books, constantly research first to know exactly what to look for. While Issued books can make great additions to any library collection, they may also be quite costly; therefore, you must ensure you receive value for your spending.

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