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An artboard, often called mechanical art, provides you with a blank canvas to design in Adobe Photoshop. Similar to how artists would use physical canvasses for painting and drawing projects, digital artists and designers alike can utilize artboards as digital painting and drawing canvases allowing them to produce digital images, drawings, and any other type of designs on digital surfaces.

As soon as you open a new document in Photoshop, you have several options for selecting both artboard size and resolution – these correspond with the width and height of the canvas and the number of pixels per inch resolution. Furthermore, one document can hold multiple artboards, allowing users to design various items simultaneously, like business cards or flyers.

Once your artboard has been created, use various Photoshop tools to craft your design. Use the Brush tool for painting on canvas while the Type tool adds text. Save or export your masterpiece as JPEG/PNG for storage when it is complete.

Artboards can help in the early stages of book planning and design by offering designers an area to experiment with various layouts before finalizing them on an artboard, giving a feel of how your finished book might appear once published. They may help in editing/proofreading processes as mockup pages provide helpful visual references during these crucial processes.

An artboard is a digital whiteboard designers use to organize design elements and layout designs for websites, apps, and other digital products. Artboards can also be used to produce high-fidelity prototypes and test user flows.

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