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Apron in book publishing refers to any additional white space left intentionally within text or illustration margins when designing foldouts, serving as an extra buffer so as not to cut off or partially obscure its contents when folded over. An apron provides readers with a seamless reading and closing experience without losing out on vital visual or information elements or text elements by providing extra space between folded pages and the content intended to appear therein.

Apron refers to additional white space between text and illustrations when creating foldouts. It serves as a buffer zone to ensure no vital content or visual elements are obscured when folding the page to reveal its foldout. By providing extra room between text and illustrations when folding out pages for reading purposes, an apron facilitates smooth user experiences allowing readers to appreciate and comprehend whatever information or visuals fully were presented within a foldout.

In summary, aprons are white spaces left between text and illustrations to accommodate foldouts and ensure content remains fully visible when pages are folded over.

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