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An apex refers to the highest point or vertex of something; its name derives from Latin for summit or peak; this term is frequently employed within geometry as it indicates opposite vertices on triangles and cones, respectively.

David S. Wise devised Book-wise, WPSI’s Apex system during the late 70s for typesetting and word-processing applications.

Book Publishing Software was explicitly built for book publishing, offering features adapted to this industry, such as automatic pagination, hyphenation, and justification; support for multiple fonts and page sizes; index creation capabilities and other reference materials.

Prepress professionals also utilize PDFCreator extensively, producing high-quality files suitable for printing.

WPSI offers various editions of Apex for personal and commercial use, with one being free.

Apex can be defined in multiple contexts but always indicates the highest or most successful point. In business terms, it represents a critical moment, while for athletes, it symbolizes when their performance peaks; and finally, in everyday life, an apex represents life’s highest point that one may achieve – so powerful word with many uses!

Apex is a word with multiple uses: noun, verb, and adjective forms all use this term interchangeably to convey either who/what stands on its highest point (either physically or in terms of performance); or it gives highly successful or compelling actions done successfully or compellingly by people or things in any aspect.

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