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Church Logo Design -Telling Your Story

What is the purpose of a church logo design? In today’s visually-driven culture, it is truer than ever that is worth a thousand words. Imagine being given 1,000 words to explain your church or ministry. Simple, plain, words typed black and white on a single sheet of paper. Imagine giving that sheet to a first-time visitor. What would the reaction be? Was it the one you were hoping for?

Now imagine replacing those words with a single, powerful, compelling image: an eye-catching, professionally-designed church logo that visually conveys your very essence as a ministry. Hand that to visitors and the image literally engages an entirely different part of their brains. It intrigues them, imprinting itself into their memories.

With that image, you’ve just made an important connection with a person who is looking for a church to call home. Your church logo has started to tell your church’s story, winning you a chance to tell them Christ’s story.

Images can be powerful, but only when they invite people into your story. You’ve seen the cookie-cutter church logos. You’ve seen the nondescript, unimaginative designs in the reams of junk mail that assail you every day from people who want to sell you something.

Your congregation deserves better than to have a dry, dull church logo that makes people disconnect from your story before they even know what you stand for. You work hard to be a church community where people connect their stories to yours and yours to God’s. Your church logo should work as well as you do.

Church Logo Design – FREE To Download!

You understand that a well-designed logo is important. But the price of a professional logo designer can be very expensive. Too expensive for some churches to consider. Perhaps that is where your church is right now.

We have a solution to your problem. Download a free professional church logo design that you can customize to fit your church.

mockup of free church logo

mockup of free church logo

mockup of free church logo

Each  is generously provided by the folks at These logos will give your church a professional appearance at a price you can’t beat! All you need is Photoshop to edit them. Just enter your name and email address to get your free logo files today!