How Hard Is It To Get A Novel Published? Overcoming Challenges With Publishing

Writing a novel is a long process that requires you to put in a lot of work. But you’ll be wrong if you think that it’s all over when you write, “the end.” Even at this point, your novel still requires some work. These include revision, proofreading, editing, and the peak of it all, publishing. […]


How To Get Published As An Undergrad: Read Before Publishing

Publishing is most times associated with Masters and PhD Students. Undergrad years come with a lot of academic stress. There are assignments to turn in, group projects, tests, and exams. An Undergrad’s focus is finish school successfully and hardly thinks of sharing his academic work beyond the classroom. Only the ambitious will venture into non-graduation […]


How Many Pages In A Graphic Novel? This Is What You Should Know

A graphic novel is quite different from the traditional novel. Contrary to the traditional novel that is filled with letters the graphic novel is filled with graphics. This does not mean there are no words. It is not strictly a picture book but contains both words and pictures. While the story is told mainly through […]


Split-Testing Book Cover Designs and Titles

Which Book Cover and Title Should I Use?

Figuring out which book cover design or title to use can be a daunting task. The harsh truth is that potential readers will judge your cover and its title.  The cover and title tell so much about your book: if you fail to entice the reader in these two important areas, then what reason do […]


5 Ways Your Brand is More Important than Your Book

You’re working on a book. But are you focused on the right elements? I’m not asking about grammar, voice, and flow. I’m referring to the most overlooked aspect of the business of writing: your personal brand. Believe it or not, your brand is more important than your book. Here are five reasons why—and guidelines for improving […]


25 Author Logo Ideas and Design Inspiration (With Free Templates)

With the increase of self-published writers, and more specifically platform-driven authors, it has become common to see authors brand themselves with logos to make themselves more memorable to their audience. Below we have some samples of amazing author logos, as well as the reasons you might want to use a logo and how to know what your logo should look like. We also have some editable Photoshop author logos ready to download.