Best Electrician Websites

by CJ McDaniel // August 31  

When experiencing electrical difficulties or if you need to hire someone for your new home, you don’t want a rookie or to take a chance on just anyone.  Sometimes word of mouth is enough of a reference, but more often than not, you’ll probably be faced with the overwhelming task of surfing the net for a reliable technician. Along with experience and BBB rating, you won’t be able to help but notice the designs and graphics of their websites. After all, wiring, lighting, and vision go hand in hand so you want a site that’s visually appealing as well. The below website samples will provide inspiration for owners of electrician websites looking to design or revamp current sites.

Electrical Agent is a job site for electricians and the electrical trade. The website is clean and simple using a combination of grey and white as the foundational colors while blue and orange act as accents. The site starts off with visually appealing instructions that that show you exactly what you should expect during the registering process. The main content section on the front page is made up of one content area that easily navigates via tabs without switching to other pages.

Ben’s Electrical has a great color scheme as well as a lot of pictures showcasing various lighting ideas. The site also details all of their specials including their free estimates. The website also talks about other electrical things they work on and not just lighting; they talk about different media wiring, security cameras, solar energy systems and more.

Mr. Electric is a great website with bold and fresh colors, great graphics as well as a lot of additional information on energy saving, safety, and specialty lighting. Of course there are the stereotypical light bulbs on the website that are expected on every electrician’s page, but they aren’t cheesy or tacky. In fact, the website designer managed to make them completely professional.

There Today offers same day service which can be a lifesaver to anyone having electrical issues that need to be dealt with immediately. Their website is bright and boldly colored and when you download the page, the video immediately starts playing which naturally grabs your attention and makes you want to find out more.

Erie View Electric is less bold than most other site but it has more calming colors which may work well to their advantage to help soothe potential customers who are stressing about getting their electrical problems resolved. The site also has a lot of useful information for consumers and is helpful and easy to understand.

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