Automatic WordPress Backup with Locker

by CJ McDaniel // December 30  

Nowadays, everyone’s got a WordPress-based website or blog online. While WordPress makes setting up a web page easy for beginners, it’s so user-friendly that many new webmasters forget to take basic precautions when it comes to data backup. Automatic WordPress backup procedures are important when it comes to safeguarding your website against data loss. If you need a comprehensive solution to your backup needs as far as your websites and databases are concerned, Locker by Code Garage is one of the best options available on the market.

Why Backup Matters

While your web host no doubt has systems in place to preserve your data in the event of a server crash, there are other ways that you can end up losing a lot of hard work in the blink of an eye. Let’s say that a hacker infiltrates your website and deletes all your data. If you don’t have a backup, it may be impossible to recover it. Aside from saving your web information from deletion, backups also make getting a website back up and running after a hack has occurred a lot easier. You can simply install a backed-up version of your pages from before the security breach.

Using Locker For WordPress Security

Code Garage’s Locker service is quite simply one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to backup a site online if you’re running WordPress. They’ll create daily backups for up to 10 of your sites for just $15 a month. In addition to their easy, automatic backup services, they also help you handle security by scanning your WordPress sites for suspicious activity like malicious Javascript files and iFrames. Locker’s a cheap way to kill two birds with one stone by creating backups and looking out for security at the same time.

Final Words

If you run a WordPress website online, you have many options when it comes to backing up your data. You can use plugins to backup your data to your home computer, or to another server. But such solutions are often a pain to implement and don’t always provide the performance you expected. Locker, on the other hand, is a true “set and forget” solution that takes the hassle out of performing backups and securing your site. Whether you’re running an online business from your WordPress site or a personal page you’ve spent a lot of time putting together, you can’t afford the chaos that losing all your data will bring. Make sure it doesn’t happen by using Locker for all your automatic WordPress backup needs.

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