Author Spotlight: Manuel Fernandez – The Rocky Approach To Life

Spotlight on author manuel fernandez: celebrating literary creativity and achievement.
by CJ McDaniel // April 19  
Author Manuel Fernandez

Manuel Fernandez is a multifaceted author whose creative journey has taken him through various genres, including children’s literature, self-help, and science fiction. Born in Havana, Cuba in 1959, and moving to the United States just two years later, Manuel grew up in Denver, Colorado. His unique background and life experiences have shaped his writing, providing readers with fresh perspectives and inspiring stories.

One of Fernandez’s most notable works is “The Rocky Approach to Life,” a self-help book that uses boxing as a metaphor for overcoming life’s challenges. The book demonstrates that struggles and obstacles are akin to a battle in the ring, and with the right mindset and training, anyone can overcome them. The book encourages readers to confront their fears and regrets, emphasizing that where they stand today is not as important as the path they choose to follow from here on out.

In addition to “The Rocky Approach to Life,” Fernandez has also authored and illustrated “The Little Blue Fish,” a charming children’s story that showcases his artistic talent. His passion for storytelling is further evident in his thrilling science fiction series, “Wolf Battle and the Hidden World,” and its sequel, “Wolf Battle, The Legend Begins.” Readers can eagerly anticipate his upcoming sci-fi/fantasy crossover, “Battle for Paradise,” as well as a third installment in the “Wolf Battle” series.

Manuel Fernandez’s diverse range of work demonstrates his commitment to providing captivating and inspiring stories for readers of all ages. His ability to tackle various genres with skill and authenticity makes him an author to watch in the literary world. Keep an eye on this talented writer as he continues to create worlds and characters that resonate with readers and remind us of the power of resilience and imagination.

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