5 Ways Authors Can Get More Subscribers Without Spending a Dime

by CJ McDaniel // October 5  

Building a mailing list is a fantastic marketing strategy in terms of ROI (return on investment). That is to say, that the amount you have to spend on building a list is relatively very small compared to the amount you can potentially stand to earn from book sales. This is one of the biggest appeals of this form of marketing and particularly for very newer authors.

At the same time though, there certainly are some expenses involved in creating a mailing list. For starters, you’ll have to pay for your email marketing autoresponder. Then there’s the cost of hosting and of your domain name. Then there’s advertising… It’s not a lot but it does add up!

This is why it’s refreshing to find that there are actually numerous things you can do to build more subscribers completely for free. Here we will look at a few of them…

Ask Your Subscribers to Spread the Word

Once you have built up a small number of subscribers, there’s no reason you can’t ask them to help you in increasing your list. Ask them to spread the word if they enjoy your books and potentially even offer them your next book for free to do so.

Do an Ad Swap

Likewise, if you know another author in your genre, you can make a pact to promote one another. It’s completely free and because you’re getting an endorsement from someone who has already built up trust, it can be highly effective.

Promote Your List on Reddit

Reddit is an incredibly potent platform when it comes to extending your reach. Here you can find targeted readers who are interested in your genre and get your message seen by countless people!

Tweak Your Page

Simply moving your ‘subscribe’ button to the bottom right of your page has been shown to increase conversions. The same goes for making subscribe buttons red. Either way, these are simple and easy changes you can make with very immediate results so it’s a great way to try and get more readers to sign up.

These are just some of the things you can do completely for free to get more e-mail subscribers. Give them a go and see how easily you can profit from zero investment!

About the Author

CJ grew up admiring books. His family owned a small bookstore throughout his early childhood, and he would spend weekends flipping through book after book, always sure to read the ones that looked the most interesting. Not much has changed since then, except now some of those interesting books he picks off the shelf were designed by his company!