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Best Non-Profit Websites

Non-Profit Website References

Non-profit organizations usually don’t spend money on things like websites, so it’s always a pleasure to see a really well-done website for these organizations. The following ten non-profit websites are some of the best we have found they do a great job with their designs and the information they give to visitors.


Here are the Best Non-Profit Websites


Offers a creative, natural motif to go along with their attempt at combating global warming. Their site is user-friendly and a pleasure to look at with its soft, natural colors.

Best Non-Profit Websites


The Rockstar Foundation

Offers a clean and exciting design that’s nice and open with plenty of white space. The interesting graphics and colors go well with their mission of educating young women.

Best Non-Profit Websites



Combines several textures and gradients to make their design really stand out. Their choice of colors really compliment each other and their layout is easy to follow and nice to look at.

Best Non-Profit Websites



Color and texture choices are absolutely beautiful. Their whole website brings to mind Arfica and their layout is extremely efficient.

Best Non-Profit Websites


You’re the Youth

Has a very nice political feel to it without being boring. The graphics and colors are interesting and catchy, drawing in the viewer and making them want to know more.

Best Non-Profit Websites


Chernobyl Heart’s

Almost monochromatic design lets the few instances of color show through brilliantly. Their illustrations add to the child-like atmosphere and their layout is nice and clean cut.

Best Non-Profit Websites


Custodial Abuse

The website has a nice clean layout and their color choice is very soothing. They provide all the information you could possibly want in an easy to find manner, making their website very user-friendly.

Best Non-Profit Websites


Glocal Ventures

Has a simple and effective layout providing all the useful information upfront. The picture framing the main portion of the layout is a very nice touch and adds a bit of flavor to help spice it up.

Best Non-Profit Websites


Action for Children’s

A website is nice and open, simple but very attractive. The layout is easy to navigate and the illustrations add a nice touch to the overall design.

Best Non-Profit Websites


CSB Ministries

Has a cool color scheme contrasted very nicely by the yellow dotted through the layout? Their navigation is easy to use and their photographs are very well done.

Best Non-Profit Websites

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