# 1 Serbian to English Translation Tool on The Web

It is a proven fact that there are a lot of native Serbian speakers around the world. Serbian, a native language and also the main language of Serbia, is also used in Romania, Slovakia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Australia. The Serbian language is being used widely in Europe and Australia, Not only that, it’s also being used around Serb diaspora communities all over the world.

There are 10 million Native Serbian speakers around the world. In 2011, around 70,000 people in Australia declared Serbian ancestry and a large percentage of them still speak Serbian.  We have created this Serbian to English Translation tool to ensure that we can get our message to all our Serbian brothers and sisters out there.

Through the power of the internet, we can now translate books and other published works and share them with all the Serbian speakers around the world in one fell swoop. This is the reason why we have created our Serbian to English Translator to serve authors and writers of different nationalities. This tool will ensure a more efficient translation from Serbian to the English language.

Serbians have a rich past and countless and timeless tales of folklore, and legends. The Serbian language has had a profound impact not only on the English language but in many other languages throughout the world. Some words of Serbian or Slavic origins (such as vampire, paprika, sniper and so much more) influence our daily life without us even knowing it.

And now whether you are translating to or from Serbian, you can make a powerful impact on the world with your own words. The world deserves to read all your thoughts, opinions and creativity. It doesn’t matter if you speak Serbian or not. What matters is, nothing can stop your capability of inspiring and motivating other people, not even language barrier.

Our Serbian to English translation tool will allow you to reach the people who are waiting to hear what you have to say. Lives will be changed and touched simply through your words, and that itself will make all the hard work worth it. We hope that this Serbian to English Translation tool can help us to entertain and change the world together.