Professional Bookmark Design

Are you an author in search of professional bookmark design? Adazing can design creative bookmarks that will help you promote and market your books to readers. If you have not considered bookmark design as an author yet, then now is the time! There are many benefits to having your own personalized bookmarks to offer to your customers, but let’s just name a few:

Tremendous marketing opportunity…

Having creative bookmarks that are professionally designed and contain links to your websites, short summaries to other books, or contact info can serve as a great marketing tool. People who read traditional books love bookmarks, and you have the advantage of knowing that each bookmark give away doubles as a flyer or business card advertising your books.

Building bonds with your customers…

Offering beautiful bookmarks to readers can gain appreciation and popularity – especially if you are giving your bookmarks away free with the purchase of a book. Consumers love freebies, and they will be pleased to purchase books from you again because of the kind gesture. Adding inspiring quotes and excerpts from your books can be a great choice for readers who like to collect beautiful bookmarks.

It is time to accessorize…

Let’s face it, people like to accessorize. Offering your readers a bookmark design that coordinates with the book cover design creates the perfect opportunity to increase interest amongst those who like to accessorize.

For only $75, Adazing Design can create professional, unique, and creative bookmarks to help market and promote you and your books. For professional bookmark design services that fit your individual needs, contact Adazing.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us!