Help a college intern gain real word design experience


Adazing takes on interns during summer, fall and spring semesters. Our interns don’t make coffee; we want them to be a part of the team, so we teach them to have the same passion that we have for putting great covers on great books.

This can only be done by creating real covers for real books and working with real authors.
All interns at Adazing are mentored by a professional cover designer with years of cover design experience.

We are offering professional cover designs for free, for patient authors who are willing to work with our interns.

Projects will be hand-selected on multiple criteria to assure a great outcome for both the author and intern. Adazing has room for 3 cover projects for the summer of 2013, and all selected covers will be completed by the end of July.

If you are interested in being picked for a free cover design, please fill out the form below to help an intern hone in on the perfect cover for your book!

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