Free Photoshop Mockups

For years Adazing has offered an easy to use book mock-up creator for people who want a simple solution to turn their digital book file into a realistic product shot. While thousands of authors have benefited from this free tool there are some authors with more advanced graphic skills that have ran into several limitations of our tool like needing a higher resolution file or wanting their book on a transparent background.

This sparked our desire to give greater versatility to authors who do have the ability to use Adobe Photoshop. Today we are proud to release It’s A Real Book, a set of easily editable Photoshop mock-ups. With this set of 7 high resolution professional book mock-ups you are sure to impress your audience and help them imagine holding your book in their hands. We wanted to make sure that our set could be used for more than just your product page, so we not only provide a nice stand-up dust jacket version for that purpose but also have great mock-ups showing your book laying on a computer, being unpacked from the mail and being held by people reading.