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Packagers specialize in creating and producing publishing products such as books. Packagers often work closely with authors and publishers to craft books, magazines, or other publications for publication.

Packagers bring extensive skills and experiences to the publishing process, from developing book concepts and writing manuscripts, sourcing illustrations for books, and designing them through producing finished products. Sometimes, packagers may even assist in marketing and promoting books as part of their service offering.

Packagers play an invaluable role in the publishing industry, and their services are in great demand. Recently, their role has evolved, with some offering comprehensive book development, editorial, design, and production packages as part of their packager services.

The term “packager” derives its name from its definition as an adjective: to produce. Packagers produce finished products — such as books, digital books, magazines, and websites – through packaging processes.

Publishers usually hire packagers to produce a book or publication; in other instances, authors may hire one; sometimes, companies also employ packagers for internal publication.

The packager’s role in publishing processes varies, depending on the project. They may take total responsibility for it or just some aspects.

“Packager” refers to anyone who assembles and sells products packaged together; for instance, someone selling books, CDs, and DVDs together would qualify as a packager.

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