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Superior quality newsprint designed specifically to be used for mass market paperbacks.

Bulky newsprint is an economical choice for printing newspapers. Consisting of two layers glued together – one made up of thinner paper covered in an ink coating while a second thicker and absorbent layer is added – bulky News can come in different weights of absorbent newsprint.

Bulky newsprint offers several distinct advantages over other forms of newspaper printing: It is less prone to tear and absorbs ink more slowly, leading to improved print quality in newspapers.

Bulky newsprint may be more costly than its alternatives, but its enhanced print quality justifies any extra expenses involved.

Bulky news paper is commonly used for printing newspapers. It comprises two layers glued together: its top layer is composed of thin paper coated with an anti-ink transfer substance, while its underlayer provides strength and rigidity. Bulky News is chosen over other forms because its composition reduces tear resistance and ink absorption from printing plates that could otherwise result in blurry prints.

Bulky News can assist printing companies in increasing efficiency, speed, and accuracy, reducing costs while speeding up orders and inventory management, decreasing manual order entry requirements, and handling errors and delays more effectively. In essence, Bulky News is an invaluable asset in the printing industry, which assists companies in simultaneously increasing efficiency, speed, accuracy, and lowering costs.

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