Creative Map Design Service for Books

Maps are a great way of drawing your readers into the world of a fictional story or the setting of your historical book. Whether you need a fictional city map or other creative map illustration for your book, Adazing Design can get the job done. We are experts at map illustration for books and can add the perfect professional touch to any book design.

Historical books often paint vivid pictures of scenes and geographical locations, voyages, and journeys to faraway lands. Map illustrations give readers a visual layout of a geographical area in the book which allows the reader to visualize themselves being there in the midst of the action.

Fictional books with fictional cities and locations could benefit extremely well from having fictional city map inside the book so readers can follow along with the characters. When the characters in the book describe journeys and trips, the reader can follow along on the map as if they are traveling right alongside the characters.

Featuring a map illustration inside of your book is also a great way to bring about a sense of adventure and creativity in readers with vivid imaginations. Readers will be able to relate to the characters better, knowing how far they’ve traveled, where they were in relation to other events that happened in the book, and where significant events took place. An intriguing map design can be an exciting addition to any descriptive book. Below is a testimonial from a New York Times Bestselling author and the map we designed for her.

Is the word I first used to describe the art that Adazing came up with for the map of my Frontier Magic series. They brought the terrain of my world to life in a creative and exciting way.
-Patricia Wrede
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author


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