Free Church Event Templates

Are people drawn to your church event just by the strength of the advertising? The power of God is unmatched, but if you can’t get folks to come to your rally, concert or Vacation Bible School, they will never experience that great truth. A well-designed church flyer is part of your strategy to present yourself as a friendly, vibrant and interesting group of people who have something significant to offer at your event, youth program, or through other services such as food banks, volunteer days, etc.

Don’t position yourselves in the wrong decade by handing out church flyers that look dated. The church is alive today, yet obsolete graphics and outdated color choices can have a huge impact on the first impression you may make on your intended “customers,” leading them to believe that the church is old-fashioned and irrelevant.

What is the Price?

Adazing is a group of Christian designers who understand that your time is better spent in ministry, not struggling to create interesting flyers. Yet, the cost of professional church flyer design can be a stumbling block. That is why we believe in good stewardship of God’s money, and provide professional church flyer design for just $175.

We have over 12 years of design experience working with churches and Christian organizations. We understand the need for information that is factual and has integrity, while also being attractive to those you wish to invite to your event.

Our designers will work with you to create a church flyer you can be proud to display and distribute. The finished design will be a full color 8.5 by 11 inch, one-sided flyer.

Give your event a chance to stand out from the crowd. Your professional church flyer can be the first line of offense in drawing people to God through your services and events.

How does the Church flyer Design process work?

  • Church Flyer Worksheet: We have you answer a group of questions that will help us isolate your goals and desired look
  • Conceptualization: Now that we know who you are and what you are looking for, we begin to formulate ideas for you future flyer.
  • Digital Implementation: We turn the ideas into digital format.
  • Client Feedback: After the church flyer samples are sent to you, we gather your feedback and then implement the changes.
  • Final Revisions and File Delivery: Once you see the changes, we send you the final files.


Use the form below to have us begin working on your custom church flyer design. Most initial inquiries are responded to within four hours.