Free Church Brochure Design Templates

You’re in ministry for a reason: you want to reach people with a message. But not just any message; the message you want people to hear and remember comes from God Himself. And so everything you do, you do with one constant rule in mind: “Will this help us reach people with God’s message, or not?” The music you choose, the sermons you preach, the ministries you’ve put together . . . everything is carefully prepared ahead of time so that His message will go forth.

When a visitor comes through your door, you’re prepared. But what message will they take home with them? When life hits them hard on Monday, how will they remember the awakening of hope they felt on Sunday? Will your carefully sown seeds be choked by the cares and concerns of the world, or is there a way to keep that hope alive so that they’ll return again and again as faith starts to bloom and grow?

Adazing has over 12 years of design experience working with churches and Christian ministries, and we believe we have an answer for you: a full color, tri-fold brochure that’s visually appealing, distinctly memorable, and most importantly, compellingly conveys the unique ways your church or ministry shares God’s timeless message of salvation through Jesus Christ for all people.

What is the Price?

For just $199, our experienced professionals will develop a church brochure that is uniquely yours, highlighting the vision and ministries that make your church what it is: a special place where God helps people encounter Jesus Christ in ways that they simply won’t anywhere else. Adazing’s Christian designers share your passion for sharing God’s message and work hard to give you a professionally finished church brochure that will keep on preaching your message long after you leave the pulpit.

You’ve got a message that’s worth sharing on Sunday. Let us help make sure that your visitors remember it on Monday.

How does the Church Brochure Design process work?

  • Church Brochure Worksheet: We have you answer a group of questions that will help us isolate your goals and desired look
  • Conceptualization: Now that we know who you are and what you are looking for, we begin to formulate ideas for you future church brochure..
  • Digital Implementation: We turn the ideas into digital format.
  • Client Feedback: After the church brochure samples are sent to you, we gather your feedback and then implement the changes.
  • Final Revisions and File Delivery: Once you see the changes, we send you the final files.


Use the form below to have us begin working on your custom church brochure design. Most initial inquiries are responded to within four hours.