Sell More Books in Person

Free Download and Book Card Strategy

Have you ever tried explaining your book to a friend, colleague or stranger? It can be awkward can’t it… that botched introduction at the conference refreshment table, the short book pitch interrupted by the sudden jolt of the stopping bus. Ever thought to yourself, there has to be a better way? Well there is, whether […]

Dear Author, Don’t Quit!

A Letter to Authors Who’ve Considered Giving Up

All authors eventually go through what I call “White Flag Syndrome.” It looks something like this. You painstakingly write everyday, but you’ve been struggling with it for too long. You wake up one morning completely discouraged. You’ve already discarded an earlier draft, and now once again the book’s direction seems completely lost. You decide to […]

The 6 W’s of an Awesome Author’s Network

The how-to of building an effective author's network!

author networking

Most book marketing efforts focus on connecting and engaging with potential readers, which makes sense.  They are the end-consumer of your writing.  But if you just focus on your readers, you miss out on the most powerful connections that can support your author career: your fellow authors Putting your focus on building a robust and […]

Should I Create an Author Website?

(Updated 2019)

But I Have a Facebook Page, Isn’t That Enough?! Michael Hyatt, in his book Platform, says that an effective social media strategy that will help build your platform includes: “a home base and embassies.” What’s your home base? It’s your website (and blog). Hyatt defines it as “a digital property that you own and control. […]